Friday, June 30, 2017

My Jolly Back-to-School Recipes: Jolly Mais at Sago & Jolly Mushroom Soup

It's back to school for most students and moms like me are once again back to the grind in the kitchen. Attending to the needs of our dear kiddos is pretty much an all-year round thing for us but whether we like it or not, we get extra busy during opening of classes on this month of June.

Preparing healthy and nutritious food at the table is every mom's goal, but due to our busy schedules we often go for easy-to-prepare meals that would still appeal to our children's taste and they should also not be heavy on our budget.

So mommies, I have here 2 simple recipes for you~~ a yummy dessert and a hearty soup that both kids and grown-ups would love:  Jolly Mais at Sago & Jolly Mushroom Soup. Each would just take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Let's start off with the Jolly Mushroom Soup.

                                                     JOLLY MUSHROOM SOUP


1 can Jolly Cream of Mushroom
200 ml of Jolly Coconut Milk (gata) 
1 can Jolly Mushrooms, sliced thinly
4 cups of broth or plain water
salt and pepper to taste
1 large-sized red onion or 2 medium-sized, diced
green onions, sliced thinly
vegetable oil

-Saute red onions and the white portion of the green onions in oil until translucent. 
-Add mushrooms and saute for 3 minutes or until they turn brown and juices have come out.
-Pour in water and let it boil. Add coconut milk.
-Add a dash of salt and pepper to taste. 
-Simmer. Garnish with green onion leaves.
-Serve while hot!

And for our dessert, here is it..



100 grams (or about half of the can's contents ) JOLLY WHOLE CORN KERNELS
100 grams small white sago, uncooked
200 grams JOLLY COW condensed milk
1 250 ml. all-purpose cream

Boil a liter of water in a pot. Pour in the uncooked small sago. Cover but stir occasionally so the sago will not stick together. Cook until soft. Drain and rinse in running water. 

Tip: Don't worry if you see white spots in the core of the sago, they will eventually absorb water as you rinse them off.  
 You can also buy pre-cooked sago at the market, but hey, try preparing it yourself, it's easy peasy!

Pour in sago on serving dish. Add corn kernels, condensed milk and all-purpose cream.  Mix well.

Chill then serve.

You may also add little mango slices or diced gelatin/gulaman as variation. 

Hope you like it and try these simple recipes.  Cooking is fun and made even better if we do it with love. :)

***Special thanks to Fly Ace Corporation for sending these Jolly Products. Kudos to Jolly on its 20th year of being part of the Filipino kitchen :)

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