Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Marks & Spencer x Joanna Lizares-Co: About Motherhood and Mindfulness

If only you call her a Super Woman – a successful career, a responsible daughter and a sister, and above all, a wife and a mother.

She takes these with all her heart, without complaining, even as she needs to haggle from Davao to Cebu City from where she originally comes from.

It was in 2002 when Yoga instructor Joanna Christina Lizares-Co, 46, married Dabawenyo businessman Zosimo Co. She moved to Davao City in the same year and since then, Joanna has considered the city as her second home. The couple is blessed with two beautiful girls – Gianna Simone, 12, and Simmina Christina, 9.

But a loving daughter that she is, she has remained in close touch with her family in Cebu even if it means regular visits to her father and siblings. On the average, she and her family travel to her hometown three times a year to bond with her brother and sister and friends. Her father passed away last December.

“I moved to Davao in 2002 and when I went home to Cebu, my time centered on my dad. Whenever my dad asked me to come home, I was there right away. Unfortunately, he passed away in December 2017, “ she said in an online interview. “But I promised my brother and sister we’d continue to visit.”

Even it would mean being away from her Cebu family, her decision to join her loving and a very supportive husband in Davao City was just right and she never regretted it. Although she admitted that her new base is somewhat “laid back” as compared to Cebu, this is what she likes most about living in Davao.

“It wasn’t so bad. I’m a homebody and my husband Sim made it quite easier. He had a lovely home and saw to it we would enjoy what Davao had to offer,” she said, adding that “Davao is where I have my two girls. I feel a sense of grounding here. Cebu may have been home to ne, but this is where I want to stay for now.”

“My happy place is with my two girls and my husband,” she said.