Saturday, December 24, 2016

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk: My New Favorite Drink

Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk: My New Favorite Drink
Last month, when I learned that Jolly Cow was going to send over some boxes of its newest offering, the Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk, I was really ecstatic. I was very excited to try it since I'm hardcore fan of chocolate milk drinks, and well.. maybe, chocolates in general. As a mom, I regularly stock the fridge with the other brand for my family's consumption.

Two weeks ago, I finally got my samples of Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk and I love it.  If you think that only kids would love this drink this much, boy you are wrong! My children have competition now. The thing is.  we can't stop drinking Jolly Cow because it tastes deliciously rich and creamy.  Guess what: it is made with 100% pure cow's milk and real cocoa. Another good thing about it is, it has less sugar. Healthy and guilt-free, isn't it?

No one touches my Jolly Cow Choco Milk! haha.
You can practically drink this anytime of the day.  It is best served when chilled, especially when you are craving for something to fill your tummy on a hot morning or afternoon. It has become my happy pill while I'm working. Crazy as it may sound,  I even look forward going home to the fridge to drink my Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk while I'm in town doing errands under the hot sun. That's how delicious it is and this is not lip service. Lol. You gotta try it for yourself!

You guys can buy this at the supermarkets in 1Liter and  200ml packs. Believe me, you too, will love it.