Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Whole New World of Learning With Smart Digital Campus

PLDT SME Nation continues its mission in providing the most innovative business solutions tailor fit to every entrepreneur's requirements, as it introduces Filipinos to  new and more integrated way of learning with Smart Digital Campus.

Specifically built for educational institutions, PLDT's newest suite of wireless solutions redefines the learning experience for students, teachers and even parents with the most advanced digital platforms and internet connectivity available today, Smart Digital Campus promises an affordable package equipped with monitoring and e-learning systems: Smart Gatekeeper, Smart Tracker and Smart E-Learning.

These three smart steps assure parents and teachers that students' activities are secured and made more efficient from the moment they step in campus until they get home, Smart Gatekeeper is an automated attendance monitoring solution that records students' entry and exit in real time. It also enhances student safety by automatically updating the parents via SMS whenever the student enters or leaves the school premises. Complementing this is an all-in-one solution designed for 24/7 tracking of all school transportation vehicles called Smart Tracker which utilizes GPS technology to enable schools to monitor the location of their school buses in real time.

Smart E-Learning is a fully digitized and integrated learning management platform. The mobile app is equipped with social, gamification features that make teachers and students more engaged in learning. These include e-textbooks, online grade books, and chatting programs that aim to foster a more collaborative study environment.

Smart Digital Campus will be available beginning October 16.  For more information about PLDT SME Nation, its products and activities, visit their homepage at or their FB page at

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