Monday, November 16, 2015

SKY’s MasterChef Asia Fly-in Treat

The MasterChef franchise has transformed the lives of aspiring chefs across the world. A program originating from the United Kingdom as far back as 1990, it has been continuously adapted and improved in every iteration of the show. The success of the MasterChef Australia series is what made it explode internationally, showcasing a truly feel-good, uplifting vibe, as very talented culinary amateurs compete and work together to succeed in every challenge. The format’s renown led to further adaptations in the US, a creation of a MasterChef All Stars and Professionals version, and MasterChef Junior, which even enjoyed a localized series in the Philippines. To bring the life-changing program to Asia, Lifetime, in collaboration with regional partners, developed Masterchef Asia – where skilled home cooks in the Pan-Asian region can vie for the very first MasterChef Asia title. As a treat for the series fans, SKYcable offers its subscribers a unique opportunity to be part of the finale.

MasterChef Asia brought together a stellar cast of judges to mentor the batch of 15 talented culinary amateurs. In honor of her talent and the impact of her MasterChef experience to her career, Audra Morrice, a MasterChef Australia alum, is part of the judges’ panel. Two all-star chefs join her, the genius Susur Lee, and 3-star Michelin Chef, Bruno Ménard. Now thanks to SKYcable’s special fly-in promo, lucky fans can meet them and the contestants during the finale party by sending-in their answer to this simple question: “Who is your favorite MasterChef Asia contestant and why?”.

Current and active SKYcable postpaid subscribers with Lifetime included in their plan or SELECT channel line-up can join this fly-in promo by simply visiting either Once on the webpage, all subscribers have to do is answer the contest question and fill-out essential details. The full contest mechanics are listed on the website.

In the grand raffle draw, one lucky subscriber can get a chance to win roundtrip air tickets (Philippines- Singapore), a twin-sharing accommodation, and admission passes to the MasterChef Asia Finale Party for two. Any non-Metro Manila subscriber who wins will also receive round trip tickets for two to Manila, including an overnight stay. This special fly-in treat is part of SKY’s commitment to provide its subscribers exclusive perks and unmatched entertainment that enriches their lives.

Stay tuned to Lifetime every Thursdays at 9PM to watch new episodes of MasterChef Asia. SKYcable subscribers can watch via Ch. 740 for HD, or Ch. 614 for SD. If you’re interested to know more about Lifetime and SKY’s fly-in promo, simply log on to, or call the 24-hour customer service hotline at 305-5456. You may also send a text for free to the text hotline 23662.

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