Monday, September 7, 2015

Dress Up And Protect Your Gadgets

At this day and age, we won’t last a day without our phones, laptops and tablets. Be it for work or play or entertainment, these technological gadgets are definitely here to stay.

Halo Laptop bag in my favorite color!
In my case, I always have my laptop with me wherever I go. This is my buddy for my online job being a virtual assistant. My laptop didn’t come with a cheap price, but it compensates me with its durability and efficient performance for my work. And since I value this prized possession, I need something to protect it from accidental scratches and bumps. I need a bag to give my laptop ample support and protection.  Kikay as I am, I would also want my laptop bag to be colorful and trendy. Nothing beats the feeling of carrying your favorite gadget in style, right?

The same goes for my phone and tablet. I am fond of dressing them up in pretty-looking and sturdy cases/covers because for me, my gadgets deserve the best. Why would I spend money on these gadgets but leave them bare and unprotected? It is a wise move to make their ‘lives’ longer by buying durable cases, which in turn saves me money from buying a gadget replacement too soon. 

In this department, Halo bags and cases is the famous brand most people use. I’ve heard a number of positive reviews about this local brand, and they offer a large selection of laptop, mobile and tablet cases/covers to suit anyone’s taste and preference. These bags and cases are also known to be durable and fashionable.

For those who wish to buy these items online for faster and easier transaction, you may simply browse ZALORA for a wide variety of bags from Halo! You sure will find one for you.

Friday, September 4, 2015

What to consider when buying a condo

Typically, those looking for a condo usually want it located in a “nice" neighbourhood, meaning the community is safe, convenient, and promising.  (Photo credit: Northpoint Davao)
There are many things to consider when buying a condo, but the bottom line for many homebuyers would be the price of the property. They believe that the price ultimately determines whether the condo unit is a good or a bad buy.

When buying a condo unit, a cheaper deal does not always mean a better buy. That’s because buying cheap is relative. If you can get a good quality pair of shoes at rock bottom prices, it may be your lucky day. Sadly, it does not follow when it comes to real estate, because when you get it cheap, you almost always end up getting what you paid for.

For one, the location could be less than attractive. There’s a big chance the condominium community you’re eyeing for its affordability is situated in a neighborhood that is less than ideal for a comfortable, safe, and convenient living.

It could be located in a busy but rough part of town, where safety can be a constant concern.  The condominium might be in the middle of the city, but if the neighborhood has a reputation for petty crimes, would you sacrifice your peace of mind for a cheaper condo home?