Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Closer Look At Northpoint's Caribbean Pines

These faintly aromatic pines imported from New Zealand and transplanted all over the grounds of Northpoint
As more condominium developments start to rise in Davao City, it pays to distinguish which one is really a cut above the rest. While most will share some common qualities like good amenities and location, only one can lay claim to being a veritable pine estate.

Northpoint, the landmark condominium development of Vista Residences, is the only vertical residential community in the region that is also home to hundreds of imported Caribbean pine trees. 

These faintly aromatic pines imported from New Zealand and transplanted all over the grounds of Northpoint were nurtured by the developer in its nurseries.  There are about P4 million’s worth of pines growing on the grounds of Northpoint today.

These pines are evergreen trees, meaning they bear leaves or pine needles all year round. It has a broad rounded or pyramid-shaped crown and the deep-green needles are bundled at the branch ends.

It also produces those adorable brown pine cones that are popular Christmas symbols.  So when Northpoint residents enjoy fresh air every day, they also enjoy the sight of pine cones that remind them of the yuletide season.

Those who pass by Northpoint along Buhangin Road and JP Laurel Avenue in Bajada will revel at the unmistakable sight of these majestic trees.  Inside Northpoint, the towering pines are a sight to behold with their beauty and splendid view.

But these pine trees provide more than just aesthetic value; they play a key environmental role in condo community, providing many benefits to both man and nature.     

Currently towering over twenty feet tall, these pines give a green vista of freshness that provides more than just a pretty sight.  They create a cooler climate and healthier environment that Northpoint residents can benefit from.

The fresh ambiance permeates throughout the condo property, keeping the condo buildings cool and thus reducing the homeowners’ need for air-conditioning inside the condo units. With the high cost of power these days, this gives them a significant economic benefit.

The Caribbean pines can withstand tropical weather and provide year-round shade to the condo community.  Its girth and height can also serve a barrier to strong gusts of wind or hard rain, providing protection to the buildings and bolstering the sense of privacy of unit owners.

Just imagine the pines fully grown, providing a forest-like cover to the condominium grounds.  It will also serve as a natural habitat to birds and other small wildlife, supporting a small ecosystem that is beneficial to Northpoint's overall environment.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and Northpoint's pine trees are no exception.  The branches and leaves can also filter dust particles that are washed away by rain, and the roots can help hold the soil, stopping erosion.        

A lush environment filled with pine trees can reduce ambient sound and help block the city's noise from reaching the condo units. This makes living in Northpoint all the more pleasant despite its proximity to city life.

The pine trees are augmented by Northpoint's verdant landscape and preserved age-old Acacia trees. Within the condominium buildings, the green outdoor is brought inside with its indoor gardens at the atrium and Liverpool's Sky Courts.

Northpoint’s Caribbean pine trees enhance its overall appeal and push up its property values, giving homeowners and investor-owners the satisfaction of knowing their investments continue to grow.

Homebuyers will find now is the best time to acquire their Northpoint condo unit with available discounts that can go as high as P300,000.

Reservations made this June will earn homebuyers a home theatre system or an air-conditioner.  Four bedroom units come with a special package of free interior design.

To fulfil your dream of owning a Northpoint condo unit, visit the Camella offices at Delgar Building (fronting Northpoint), J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City, call telephone number (082) 226-3100 or (082) 221 0716, email avismin@camella.com.ph, or check out www.camella.com.ph. #

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