Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is an OPK?

OPK or ovulation predictor kit
For some couples, having a baby takes a lot of effort such as loads of fertility supplements and
countless visits to their Ob/Gynecologist. However, couples who want to get pregnant fast may want
make sure that the woman knows when her ovulation day is. Being able to know when the woman ovulates is the number key to getting pregnant fast. One of the most popular tools to use in checking for ovulation is using an OPK or an ovulation predictor kit.

A woman usually ovulates midway her cycle so if she has a by-the-book, 28-day cycle, she will usually ovulate around day 14. She can start using the ovulation test around day 7 to make sure doesn't miss the surge and continue testing until she gets a positive result.

An OPK is almost like a pregnancy test except that it detects when a woman ovulates. It has 2 kinds, one is the small strip and the other one is the large, midstream applicator. The only difference is how to use them but they have the same function. A woman has to take the test twice a day. When she showing 2 dark lines, it means she's ovulating and that is the best time to baby dance for the sperm to better catch the egg. Visit for more articles on getting pregnant.

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