Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Latest on Kids Academy's Educational iTunes Apps

Good news to parents, teachers and guardians!!! Kids Academy Co has updated their 3 preschooler's and toddler's educational iTunes apps. I've tried it and am sharing this to you so you can check it and try with your children as well....

1. Preschool & Kindergarten Baby books

Entertaining Stories for Toddles and Preschoolers
I am so glad this app has been updated, new stories for my little ones. They love the Puss in the Boots and Princess stories. Now I can have a relaxing time with them telling stories with the help of this app. And yes putting them to sleep is a breeze. I can’t wait for more new stories!!

Get Preschool & Kindergarten Books, Songs & Early Reading Games App on iTunes

2.  Preschool & Kindergarten learning kids games 

Alphabets and numbers games in full color

This educational app of Kids Academy is a gem, this is my favorite for my little nephew because of its interactive and fun animated games. He lives tracing the numbers, plus the voice-over gives an encouraging nudge to do it better. And alphabets and numbers are featured in a colorful way. Hmm, hope they open more free game levels soon!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

What is an OPK?

OPK or ovulation predictor kit
For some couples, having a baby takes a lot of effort such as loads of fertility supplements and
countless visits to their Ob/Gynecologist. However, couples who want to get pregnant fast may want
make sure that the woman knows when her ovulation day is. Being able to know when the woman ovulates is the number key to getting pregnant fast. One of the most popular tools to use in checking for ovulation is using an OPK or an ovulation predictor kit.

A woman usually ovulates midway her cycle so if she has a by-the-book, 28-day cycle, she will usually ovulate around day 14. She can start using the ovulation test around day 7 to make sure doesn't miss the surge and continue testing until she gets a positive result.

An OPK is almost like a pregnancy test except that it detects when a woman ovulates. It has 2 kinds, one is the small strip and the other one is the large, midstream applicator. The only difference is how to use them but they have the same function. A woman has to take the test twice a day. When she showing 2 dark lines, it means she's ovulating and that is the best time to baby dance for the sperm to better catch the egg. Visit for more articles on getting pregnant.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Globe Begins Service Restoration Process for Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby Stricken Areas

Photo credits: Zalrian Z Sayat/ via
The network operations team of Globe Telecom has started service restoration process in areas affected by Typhoon Ruby. As of 2 pm, December 7, the process mainly involves assessment of the typhoon’s impact on network infrastructure as weather remains unfavorable for field personnel to do actual field work.

The company’s operations team in Visayas is in full force to handle/manage network concerns as a result of Typhoon Ruby. However, the weather situation is a major factor as Globe prioritizes the safety of its employees at any given time. As long as the weather permits the team, the company is ready to execute service restoration.

Initial assessment tells us that there are no major outages caused by Typhoon Ruby, which made landfall in Eastern Samar Saturday night. Service disruptions were due mostly to power outages and misalignment of antennas following strong winds brought by the typhoon.

Full restoration may be completed within a 48-hour period after recovery efforts are initiated.

As of 12 pm of December 7, service interruptions have been monitored in some areas in the provinces of Biliran, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, Leyte, Southern Leyte and Western Samar.

Friday, December 5, 2014

PUBLIC ADVISORY: Typhoon Hagupit

Typhoon Hagupit is expected to make landfall in the Eastern Visayas (photocredits: )
Typhoon Hagupit (also known as Typhoon Ruby) is said to be a super typhoon expected to hit the Philippines within 24 hours. With this, it is advised that those living in Eastern Visayas take necessary measures in preparation for it. The typhoon is expected to hit some of the areas devastated by Typhoon Yolanda about a year ago.

Globe Telecom urges its customers to charge their cellphones and other mobile devices, in case the weather anomaly causes extended commercial power failure. The company suggests customers may also opt to buy alternative source of energy such as power banks and rechargeable lamps with USBs.

Here are some tips to conserve battery life of smartphones:

1. Log off or turn off unnecessary mobile apps or at least disable push notifications for nonessential apps
2. Turn off unnecessary radios such as GPS, blue tooth and Wi-Fi.
3. Switch off vibrate function and utilize ring tone instead.
4. Turn off sync function.
5. Dim LCD screens and shorten screen timeout
6. Minimize notifications and use phone only when necessary

Customers in areas identified in the path of Typhoon Hagupit should also make sure their respective lists of contacts are in order. Contact lists should include emergency numbers such as the nearest hospital, police stations and barangay or community leaders.
Globe Senior Vice-President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto said, “We are now strengthening our disaster-preparedness program in terms of added facilities, supplies, infrastructure, and manpower support so we can immediately attend to network and service concerns that may arise due to the typhoon,” she said.

Globe regional teams are being mobilized to ensure they are well equipped to address network issues that could arise from the typhoon.   Preparations include deployment of back-up supplies, power tools and infra materials, spares and back-up fuel.  Crisanto added that the company's disaster-preparedness program also include employee-safety measures to be implemented in areas that will likely be affected.

Crisanto said the company is coordinating closely with government authorities, specifically the National Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Council or NDRRMC to ensure its disaster-preparedness program is aligned with both the national and local government efforts

Monday, December 1, 2014

Globe Has Now Blocked 2M Scam/Spam Messages and Counting

Sadly, spam and scam text messages remain to bother us till this day. In its end, Globe Telecom has so far blocked almost 2 million of these following the implementation of an automated filtering functionality that keeps its customers from receiving such annoying and unwanted messages.

Such filtering mechanism, which prevents the transmittal of spam and scam messages to mobile devices, now covers more than 70% of the company’s 2.1 million postpaid customers. The mobile company operationalized the automated filtering mechanism last August as part of the telecommunication provider’s efforts to rid its network of both spam and scam messages.

The volume of messages blocked by the network filtering system averages about 50,000/day, reaching a peak of more than 117,000 in early October when a large portion of the company’s postpaid customers were integrated into the filtering system.

The filtering system can be reconfigured to address the kind of spam and scam messages that goes through the network. While the filtering mechanism seems to be working well as a deterrent in the transmittal of spam and scam messages, Globe's technical team continues to design and develop mechanisms that will substantially rid the network of such irritating messages,

It is emphasized that mobile numbers that are identified to be a constant source of spam and scam messages will be temporarily disconnected from service. So far, more than 1,600 numbers have been cut off from service for this reason. This means that voice, SMS and data services will not be available to these numbers. Service restoration for such numbers will only be undertaken if the users contest the move and show proof they are not text spammers, he added.

Customers are enjoined to report such annoying messages by going to and provide all the details required. Numbers that are reported for the first time as the source of text spams are sent warnings. If the same numbers are reported for the second time due to text spams, these are immediately blocked from the network.