Saturday, August 16, 2014

GoSURF Is A Hit Among Mobile Subscribers

All the GoSURF plans that you can choose from
Globe's GoSURF plan to access the internet on mobile devices is getting popular these days.

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the demand for internet access anytime, anywhere also goes up. Today, more than 90% of Globe customers choose  GoSURF so they can enjoy better internet access on their mobile devices. 

GoSURF is a consumable mobile internet plan which offers megabyte (MB) tiers for your browsing needs. And here's a bonus, GoSURF is not subject to the Fair Use Policy (FUP), where a user's mobile browsing experience is affected when data usage exceeds the allocation. Instead, users are allowed to use up (consume) the amount of data allocated for them without ever being switched to slower speeds. 

GoSURF plans also come with an anti-bill shock guarantee, allowing you to send important emails and update your social networking sites without worrying about excessive data charges.

To top it off, GoSURF provides you with free access to Spotify for 6 months without affecting your data allocation, letting you enjoy the app's catalog of over 30 million songs. 

You may find details on GoSURF and Globe in the attached press release. More information on GoSURF can also be found here: 

For a better experience with GoSURF, Globe has recently rolled out its 100% nationwide 3G coverage for its 44 million mobile and broadband customers. By September this year, Globe will take the fast experience further by rolling out 100% 4G HSPA+ coverage. 

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