Friday, June 13, 2014

Mandatory IP Peering for Faster Internet Speeds

The National Telecommunications Commission’s (NTC) is proposing a mandatory IP peering among carriers should be put in place to improve internet services in the country.  Globe Telecom supports this and maintains that there should not be any access charge to this to maintain or lower internet costs.

At a recent joint hearing of the Senate committees on trade and public services, the NTC cited the lack of IP peering among local ISPs as one of factors that contribute to slower internet speeds in the country. The regulatory body pointed out that in the case of Singapore and South Korea, for instance, internet content are mostly generated internally, as a result of an effective IP peering policy, which in turn enhances internet speed.

IP peering allows one ISP to connect with another provider, giving both entities a direct route for fast exchange of information, greatly improving throughput and latency performance of ISPs and enhance bandwidth utilization.

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