Friday, June 13, 2014

Globe Honors A “Heroine” from Zamboanga

Atilano: The 'heroine' as she receives the Globe Employee of the Year award 
We have watched on the local news how the people of Zamboanga were badly affected when their city was under siege September of last year.

Known as the "City of Flowers, Zamboanga was badly devastated, a lot of people died which left citizens in shock and unsure of what tomorrow would come.  People were seen relocating to other places for safety, leaving it's economy in shambles.

Despite of it all, adversities do bring out the best in people as one Globe Telecom heroine was compassionate and unafraid during these hard times.

Glenda Atilano, a retail manager of a Globe store in Zamboanga, took action to help her fellow Zamboanguenos pull through.

Atilano, 43, personally organized and facilitated the distribution of food packages to the Red Cross and to the Armed Forces. This benefitted 4,000 individuals who were affected by the conflict. She also assembled a clean-up drive program and assembled the Brigada Eskwela program, allowing her team to distribute school supplies to the children in war-torn areas. 

Because of her efforts, Atilano was given the prestigious Globe Employee of the Year award at the annual Globe Excellence Awards at EDSA Shangri-la.

Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu commended Atilano, saying that she has done something outstanding beyond the call of duty. He noted that she showed her commitment to service by reaching out to Globe customers in their time of need. 

As a Globe store retail manager, Atilano has consistently steered her team to excellence, surpassing her team’s sales target last year despite the siege. She has been part of the Globe family since 1995.

Aside from Atilano, other employees were given recognition at the Globe Excellence Awards, which is held annually to recognize top achievers in the Globe family.

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