Monday, June 16, 2014

AnYare Soars in TADHack Philippines Competition

AnYare which aims to help geographically-challenged teams wins in TADHack. Also in the photo are the other winners: Coneed, and Meet Plus.
AnYare, an app which aims to help organizations/teams who need form of communication while working in the field or remote areas, wins in the recently concluded 1st Telecom Application Developer Hackathon (TADHack) Philippines It was presented by Globe Telecom.

AnYare was developed by the young minds of Marte Soliza and Beato Bongco.

According to Bongco, the app allows registered users to create teams. Everyone in the team will receive a call at a pre-determined time. They can record the answer, and a designated administrator can retrieve the response by calling the app and downloading information through a web interface. This means that team leaders of organisations can retrieve reports from their members of the field anytime and anywhere, as long as there is a cell phone signal.

Soliza and Bongco stood out first among a total of 12 teams. The received USD 1,000 and an all-expense paid trip for one to Istanbul  to attend the two-day TADHack Summit in November. 

Aside from AnYare, special awards were also presented to two other winners:  Meet Plus and CoNeeds.

TADHack, a global avenue for developers, was held at the same time in six different cities:  Manila, Philippines; Madrid, Spain; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;  Chicago,  USA;  Pune,  India; and Colombo and Sri Lanka. There was a live-streaming as well so teams could compete remotely. 

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