Monday, May 26, 2014

Beware of Text Scams!!

Be cautious of text scams
Be vigilant against text scams on supposed “discount,” “refund,” “prizes,” “stranded relatives” and other falsified claims disguised as share-a-load transactions. I believe that most of us have received at least one SMS message like those ones mentioned above and sadly,many have fallen prey to these "scammers". It pays to know and be alert so we can stop them from doing these fraudulent activities.

In the case of supposed “discounts” or “refunds”, Globe Telecom emphasized that legitimate advisories from the telecommunications provider are labelled from “GLOBE” and do not come from 11-digit numbers. Subscribers may validate unusual texts and calls with the company’s customer service agents.

Regarding spam messages that include text such as “send to 2915XXXXXXX,” by adding the number 2 before the 10-digit cell phone number of the recipient, the unsuspecting subscriber would have done a Share-A-Load transaction.

Another text scam informs customers that they supposedly won in a raffle contest they never participated in and the text message provides “steps” on how to claim the prize. Another text scam involves relatives working abroad supposedly using a new prepaid number, also aimed at tricking subscribers into doing a Share-A-Load transaction.

Globe customers are advised not to respond and, instead, immediately report suspicious text messages to authorized Globe customer service channels. Customers may report mobile numbers used in sending out fraudulent or scam text messages. Globe customers may report via the Globe website through Talk2Globe Chat (, send a message through Globe Contact Form ( and tweet @Talk2GLOBE on Twitter. 


  1. good for us who are aware of such scams and it really pays that networks should make infodrives and announcements as such to avoid being a victims of text scam.

  2. Received lots of these especially the "You won P700,000.00 and a new car". :( I hope na it's real na lang

  3. Even text are being used by scammers, pretty bold isn't it? I would be milti billionaire if I replied to a lot of email lottery winnings notification I've received lol.

  4. Thanks for reminding us. These stupid people should be beheaded. Akalain mo nag text sa misis ko, saying my wife is now the new owner of Rizal Park.. whah...

  5. I always get spam text messages. There was one that I played around with. The message that was informing me about a new roaming SIM number and that this "relative" is asking for load. Jeskelerd, I don't have relatives who are OFWs anymore. Most of them have been granted citizenship in the countries where they work. I replied to that texter - "Ang kapal ng mukha mo! Sakin ka pa hihingi ng load eh di ka naman nagpapadala ng remittance! Dun ka humingi sa kabit mo! Pakyu ka!" Hahaha. Never got any message like that again. :)

  6. I always get scam texts and I just ignore them.