Saturday, March 1, 2014

Globe Business Leads The Way For A "Wonderful' ICT Landscape For Enterprises

Sharing the vision of Globe to create a wonderful world for its customers, the telco’s Enterprise Group further strengthens its commitment in enabling corporations, enterprises and companies to experience a wonderful, interconnected business ecosystem powered by information and communications technology (ICT).

“As an ICT solutions partner, Globe Business is one with Globe in establishing a wonderful world for its customers. On our part, we make this a reality by making businesses better across the ICT landscape here and abroad,” affirmed Globe Senior Vice President for Enterprise Group Nikko Acosta, adding that, “we translate this in making our clientele better equipped in terms of ICT to allow them to focus on their competencies. By doing this, our business partners are assured that their products and services reach their customers the best way possible. This way, we also enable them to be one with us in creating a wonderful world – for industries and the economy, that is.”

“For businesses, ‘wonderful’ is all about experiencing and enjoying strong relationships. As co-collaborators, we will work more closely with companies, corporations and enterprises to help them innovate and succeed in their industries and sectors further,” he assured. 

As a driver of innovation, Globe Business aims continue to create solutions which are engineered to transform companies into prime movers which keep the wheels of our nation’s progress in motion. Already, the company plays a paramount role in helping businesses reach their full potential by addressing requirements in mobility, connectivity, voice and security.

Its mobility solutions enable workforces to be in touch and access data so they could perform their tasks to be more productive and make quicker decisions which lead to increase in overall corporate performance. Likewise, Globe Business offers IT solutions which allow companies to keep track of physical assets, monitor capacity levels and keep an eye at their business activities in real time.

Globe Business also enables companies to quickly respond to today’s dynamic business environment characterized by seasonal spikes and unexpected surges of activity by providing technology flexible enough to allow them to utilize resources only when they need it.  They also provide solutions which make virtual collaboration possible. As companies move toward unconventional work setups, seamless connection with multiple participants from anywhere in the world is made possible. 

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