Saturday, April 20, 2019

Going stylish with 0917 x Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame collection

Are you ready for the big finale? Show your love for all things Marvel with the latest apparel and accessories collection from 0917 - 0917 x Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame!

In partnership with Disney and Marvel, 0917 Lifestyle has released its latest collection for the biggest blockbuster event this year. Marvel fans can feel like part of the team with the Avengers Suit Windbreaker Jacket, patterned after the Quantum Realm suits of the heroes as shown in the trailer. They can also show their Marvel pride with unique tees such as the Endgame statement tee, Thanos shirts, and classic Marvel tees. Other collection apparel such as sweaters, hoodies, caps, and pouches are available for superfans. Techies can also join in on the fun as the collection features premium iPhone cases, a 3-in-1 charger, and phone grips featuring their favorite Marvel heroes.

Monday, April 15, 2019

"The Hows of Us" premieres on SKYCable PPV

"The Hows of Us" ---the love story that stirred the hearts of Filipinos brings joy to SKY homes this summer as the country's highest grossing film, plays on SKYcable Pay-Per-View this April.

College sweethearts Primo (Daniel) and George (Kathryn) vowed to stick together through thick and thin but are challenged when life suddenly gets in the way: Primo gets depressed for not getting the job he wanted while George feels the strain of mixing work and school.

The movie was given the Golden Jury award while Kathryn and Daniel were recognized as “Phenomenal Stars of Philippine Cinema” by the 50th Guillermo Mendoza Awards

Catch this blockbuster film alongside "Always Be My Maybe," "Every Room Is A Planet," and "Nay" for only P99 for a 7-day access until May 8, 2019. 

Aside from "The Hows Of Us," viewers can also watch 50th Guillermo Mendoza Film Actress of the Year, Kim Chiu in her 2018 MMFF film "One Great Love."

Kim plays Zyra, a woman stuck between trying to fix her relationship with her boyfriend Carl (JC De Vera) or end it. She gets more torn when she meets Ian Arcano (Dennis Trillo). The film received recognitions as Best Musical Score and Third Best Picture and 3rd Best Picture in the 2018 MMFF Awards. 

Friday, February 15, 2019

FOX’s premium channels now on SKYCable Select

Heart-stopping shows from FOX’s premium channels FOX Action Movies, FOX Crime, FOX News, and Nat Geo People can now be a part of SKYcable subscribers’ viewing staples via SKY Select, the cable brand’s a la carte channel service.

Plenty of TV gems are waiting to be discovered in FOX Action movies (P20/month). Subscribers can check out heart-pounding blockbusters like the American superhero western film “Jonah Hex (Feb 17, 10 PM),” Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp’s romantic thriller “The Tourist (Feb 19, 2:55 PM),” and the American action thriller, “Bushwick (Feb 16, 4:40PM).”

Saturday, November 10, 2018

ZEE Sine, the 24/7 Tagalized Bollywood channel

Are you fond of watching Bollywood movies?

(For those not familiar,  Bollywood is the other name of the Indian film industry - inspired by the word Hollywood)

You might want to check out these 5 Bollywood movies that will give you the feels from SKY as it brings a new channel that’s filled with vibrant and grandiose costumes, colorful cinematography, and gorgeous production numbers.  Watch ZEE Sine, the 24/7 Tagalized Bollywood movie channel which is a breather from traditional movie storytelling.

 The following are Bollywood cinematic gems that will pull your heart strings and even bring a smile to your face.

A young man idolizes Michael Jackson and is intent on forging a successful dancing career leading to adventures along the way. Be sure to catch this dance film on “Pinoy Bollywood Box Office” (PBBO), November 17 at 9pm.

2.       RAEES
King of Bollywood Sharukh Khan stars as a man who builds an empire in the state of Gujarat.  Follow his rise in society as well as his relationships, making him the single most powerful man in the state in this action film on “SunDate with Shah Rukh Khan,” November 11 at 6pm.

Rahul, an orphaned bachelor, embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather to have his ashes immersed in the holy waters of Rameshwaram. He meets a South Indian girl (Deepika Padukone) the daughter of a local don and they find love through this journey in the exuberant land of South India. What follows is a series of adventures where Rahul finds himself in strange situations, challenged with an unfamiliar language! Watch this action-packed romantic journey also starring the Bollywood legend on “SunDate with Shah Rukh Khan,” November 25 at 6pm.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Animax and Miao Mi promo from SKY

Win exclusive program merchandise when you subscribe via SKY animation series on ANIMAX and MIAO MI.

The family will have an amazing time with the range of animated shows now airing on Animax and Miao Mi channels on SKY. From educational animated series to adventures, the channels bring some of the most exciting shows that kids of any age may enjoy.

On Miao Mi, toddlers get to learn spoken and written Mandarin in the show “Write with Miao Mi.” This interactive animation show teaches children how to write simple Chinese characters to form words such as "run", "play" and more in fun and creative ways. In “Miao Mi Classroom” Mandarin is introduced to children in a fun and interactive way using flash cards, animation, music videos, and songs.

Another show with so much to learn from is “Math Fun with Ria,” which teaches the subject using real life experiences. It introduces math-related concepts interactively using the character Ria’s 3-D animated adventures, Through this, children learn the concepts of comparison, order, number, counting, geometric forms, fractions, graphs, and more.  

If Miao Mi offers fun in learning, Animax gives older kids and teens a dose of adventure. Among the line-up that toddlers will love is “Oo Kun and Friends,” the brand mascots of Animax. OO-Kun is a mystical racoon who likes all things Japanese. Together with his childhood friend Chu-Chu, his pet Miruku, and the celebrity tapir Imo, they go on adventures in Animax City.

Another adventure series for teens is “Seven Deadly Sins.”  This spin off from a manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki tells the tale of the group Seven Deadly Sins, a group of knights in a land called Britannia, that disbanded after suffering defeat in the hands of the Holy Knights. Ten years pass when a princess named Elizabeth begins her journey to find the group to help her reclaim her kingdom and to rescue the king.

Animax Asia is a television channel which broadcasts Japanese language anime programs and English-language programs from Southeast Asia, South Asia, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. It is a regional version of Japanese channel Animax.

Choose to add these channels on top of your basic plan via Select for as low as P20/mo for Miao Mi and P50/mo for Animax and get a chance to win exciting prizes through the channels’ ongoing promo.

Subscribers will instantly earn e-raffle entries for a chance to win exclusive branded premium items from Animax and Miao Mi. The promo runs until August 31, 2018.

Promo is open to existing SKYcable digital postpaid and One SKY subscribers nationwide. Visit, call 305-5456 for more information.

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